About us

Our love of stones goes back to childhood! My husband used to sell rocks he had picked out of the family garden to neighbourhood ladies until one morning he knocked on a door and woke up a tired man who had been sleeping because he worked night shift!! That ended his entrepreneurial debut. When our children were quite young we went to a BC Lapidary Show for the first time! What an experience. We were all hooked on the wonders of the earth! Our family have been members of the Port Moody Rock Club ever since! Soon we had many saws and polishing machines and started enjoying the art of polishing stones! We started selling at craft shows and got involved with the BC Lapidary Society which led to volunteering at shows, then becoming a vendor and we evolved from there. We discovered outdoor festivals in the summer and rock club shows during the fall and spring. At our peak we were registered for 22 shows in one year! We had always dreamed of going to Tucson for a big buying trip and last year, February 2020, we spent two wonderful weeks wandering those shows! We came home with 2 huge pallets full of treasures! Only some of those treasures have been seen by the public because shortly after that we were shut down due to COVID-19. I kept hoping things would open up quicker than they have. After having success on social media during the Holiday season I decided I’d better get a website going so you can all enjoy our treasures year round. Have a look at our site and enjoy!
Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

Our Mission

Our mission has always been to sell many pieces at lower price rather than one or two pieces of the same item at a higher price. This will continue on the website.

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KD Creations JR
Summerland, BC